In children, contemplative

Ness, Patrick. A MONSTER CALLS. Insightful Fiction From A Boy's Story.

In cormoran strike mystery, crime

Galbraith, Robert, TITIAN KEJAHATAN (CAREER OF EVIL - Cormoran Strike #3)

In opinions intact, personal

Research is the Bottomline: The Recap of My Academic Writing a.k.a Skripsi (Reading Gets Personal #2)

In opinions intact, personal

Those Character's POV That Doesn't Relate to You...(Reading Gets Personal #1)

In meme, wishful wednesday

Wishful Wednesday #8: Confessing a Must-Wish (?)

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AUGUST CHARACTERS GIVEAWAY HOP in A Book is a Gift: For Belated Blogoversary

In meme, scene on three

Scene on Three #3: Main Kartu Versi Stargirl

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